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Privacy Policy

About is powered by Multiphone, a telecommunications services provider, to offer you a Top Up service. "nopin" is a licensed trademark owned by MULTIPHONE LATIN AMERICA INC. The nopin website and the nopin App (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is operated by Multiphone. The Site collects information from registered and un-registered users, related to Multiphone transactions and user accounts as well as information required for the users' forum (hence "Forum"), an optional feature available on the Site and offered by Multiphone.

This Privacy Policy statement describes the information collected by Multiphone on the Site and Forum, and the policies pertaining to the use of this information. The Privacy Policy also describes your rights towards us and how to exercise them.

Please contact us at should you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or in general regarding your personal data.


Please read this information carefully so you are fully aware of the way your private information is collected and used. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy and do not wish your information to be gathered and used in the manner hereby described, you should not use the Site and Forum as a registered or an un-registered user.

We care about your privacy and invest great efforts in collecting and using your private information in accordance with industry standards and general business ethics. We hope you will find our practices satisfactory and will accept the terms of this Privacy Policy by continuing using the Site.

Notification of Changes

As new requirements and considerations emerge in the constantly changing realm of mobile communication, we may update our Privacy Policy to ensure the best service for our users. You may always refer to our website for the most recent version of our Privacy Policy. Our users will be bound by any minor changes to the policy after those changes have been posted. If, however, we should transform our policy to introduce a material change to the manner in which private user information is collected and used, we will notify all Multiphone registered users by posting a preliminary notice on our website for 30 days.

Minors Using the Site

Minors (under the age of 18) are requested not to submit any information nor use the service without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Information from Registered Users

Multiphone gathers personal information from registered users including name, email, phone number and password. Multiphone also requires payment information (credit card or other payment method) for continuous use of Multiphone service.

All mobile Apps operated by Multiphone requires access to:

  • Call Permission: App requires to make and manage phone calls to work.
  • Contact Permission: App would like to access your contacts to let you choose a friend who you can call more easily. We do not store your contacts in any way on our servers.
  • Location Permission: App would like to use your current location to display it on the app.
  • Microphone Permission: App requires to use your microphone to transmit your voice for peer-to-peer calls. It is secure and private.

This information is essential to process transactions, manage user accounts, provide our services, communicate with users, protect users against credit card fraud, and ensure secure user access to account information at any time.

In addition, Multiphone requires transaction related information including the amount sent and the name and phone number of the recipient. We save this information with other transaction information such as transaction id and transaction date and time. This information is stored for future inquiries as well as secure and orderly management of our service.

Multiphone registers the Internet address (IP) of the device used to access the Multiphone account as a security measure against unauthorized transactions.

Information from Unregistered Users

Users that are not registered with Multiphone and use the Site to request credit are required to submit some personal information related to their request. The information includes name, email or phone number of the requestor as well as the name, email or phone number of the person to whom the request is sent. Requestor’s information is displayed to recipients so that they can respond to the request. Unregistered users cannot change their information.

We may use requestor’s contact details to send specific information related to the success or failure of the request and any transaction related to that request, or provide the unregistered user with general news and services from Multiphone.

Information about Unregistered Users

Registered users can use the Site to send credit and invitations to unregistered users as well as keep a phonebook with contacts that may not be registered with Multiphone. Multiphone retains the information our users provide including name, email address or phone number so that the contacts can be added to customer phonebook and also to send confirmations and reminders to the unregistered users. The information about unregistered users will not be marketed or sold at any time. Any information contained in a phonebook may be modified by Multiphone registered user at any time. All other information related to transactions, invitations and referrals will be displayed only to a logged in registered user that has entered this information.

Unregistered users may contact us to request the cessation of communication from Multiphone that is promotional in nature. Informative communication related to Multiphone transactions is part of our service and cannot be eliminated. Unregistered users that do not wish to receive this communication should avoid participating in any Multiphone program and/or service.

Third Party Verification

Multiphone uses third party services to verify user information and protect Multiphone customers against fraud. The information provided to third party services is on need-to-know basis and is limited only to the data items that need to be verified. Multiphone uses third party services to verify credit card information and phone numbers.

If we are unable to verify your information via the tools available to us, we may ask you to send us additional information by fax or to answer additional questions from our customer service representative by phone.

Web Analytics

Multiphone uses web analytics tools to monitor traffic and flow information within the Site. We gather the web address of the site you came from and going to. We also record which site pages you visit, for how long and in what order. We capture the type of browser you use and the times you access out the Site. We use this information to learn what content, page order and advertisement work and what doesn’t. This data helps us to analyze our servers load and improve our user services and experience. The information collected via the web analytics tools is aggregative by nature and cannot be traced to a specific person.


Multiphone uses long lasting cookies to record your name and username so we can recognize and greet you when you return to the Site. This information also allows us to display your username in our login page, so that you don’t have to reenter it each time you log in to your account. The cookie is deactivated upon log out.

Communicating with Users

We use your contact information to inform you about the status of your transactions and your account; any requests you may have received; and if there were any issues with your information that may prevent you from using our service. These communications are essential to ensure quality of service and we cannot allow users to opt out of these. We may also notify you about new products, services and promotions that may be of interest to you. These notifications may be terminated by you through our opt-out box in your account profile. You can use the opt-out box at any time to stop or start our promotional communication to you.

Upon occasion, as part of our senior management quality assurance program, we may randomly select a user and solicit his or her opinion about our service. Users may refrain from responding to our communication if they chose.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Multiphone frequently communicates with its users and customers to learn how to make our service even better. To this end, Multiphone may email or post surveys, inviting customers and users to respond to a list of questions. Multiphone may or may not require some personal information as part of the survey. Survey participation is optional and users may chose not to fill out any surveys or questionnaires posted or sent by Multiphone.

Personal information collected through questionnaires and surveys is not shared with third parties.


Multiphone offers customers and users a forum to express their views, ideas and suggestions as well as read and respond to comments posted by others. To participate in the Forum you may register and be allocated a username and password. Your username is the only identification displayed to other users and may be as close or as far from your real name as you wish it to be. Please be aware that the comments you voluntarily post in our Forum become public domain. The information presented in these comments may be accessed by the public and be used by any user to send you unsolicited communication. You may also choose to post comments anonymously, whether you are a registered Forum user or not.

Information Security

Multiphone considers your information our most valuable asset and protects it with state-of-the-art technology and methodology. Of course, even the sturdiest barriers can be torn down and no company may be immune to attempts to abuse and misuse information by criminal elements. However, we hope that our extreme precautions will continue to prove as effective and reliable as they have been so far.

Multiphone holds and transmits your personal and payment information in a safe, confidential and secure environment. All payment information is collected by Multiphone via encrypted technology and is stored in secure database, accessible only to highly specialized Multiphone personnel, on a need-to-know basis. We set physical, technological and procedural safeguards to prevent spam, fraud and unauthorized access to user information. Our customer service representatives perform constant checks to detect illegal and otherwise irregular activity and we take immediate steps to prevent any type of suspicious conduct in our Site.

The security of your Multiphone account also relies on your discretion and your ability to protect your username and password. You should not disclose your login information to anyone and we will never encourage you to reveal your password by email or phone.

If you believe that your login information has been compromised for any reason you should immediately change your password in your account or notify our customer service representative.

Disclosing Information

Multiphone does not disclose user information to other Multiphone customers or third parties, unless for the following reasons: We validate your information with third parties that assists us in processing transactions requested by you and protects our customers from fraud. Such is the verification of your credit card with a specialized service. See “Third Party Verification” above; We may submit your information if it was deemed as material in an investigation of fraud or other illegal activity. For example, if a credit card or a phone number has been used in deceptive practices we can share that person’s relevant account information with the appropriate authorities; We disclose information in response to a subpoena, warrant, court order, levy, attachment, order of a court-appointed receiver or other comparable legal process; We may share aggregated statistical data with our business partners, investors, or for public relations. This data will not be linked to any personal or private information and will be general and statistical in nature; Your information may be accessible by our parent company or entities that may be legally linked to us (subsidiaries, join ventures, mergers) in the future. These entities would continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy unless and until it is amended as described in "Notification of Changes" above.

Accessing and Changing Your Information

You can review and change most of your private information at any time by logging into the Site and editing your account. You may request to terminate your account by contacting our customer service via email or phone. For good practices and fraud prevention reasons, we do not delete personal information from closed accounts. However, we will not use your closed account information to communicate with you and will not allow users to access this account.



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